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My roots are in advertising where I worked as concept creator. My creative work was nominated and awarded.
Then I became a photographer. My photo work was also frequently praised and was shown to the public in various galleries and museums and at photo festivals in the world.

As an artist I am – Alek | sander – at least as ambitious.
My aim is to reach a large audience worldwide with a message of happiness. To make as many people as possible happy with my art; that is my mission.

I love flowers all my life. That’s why I created an archive
that I add daily with new flowers. With these images I now create collages that carry out my message of love and happiness.

Flowers are capable to soften the harsh reality. To disguise evil. My flowers will let you experience the tension between what you see and what you feel.

We live in the middle of the information age. The whole day we are kept informed of the events in the world. Whether you want it or not, you can not shut it down.
Attacks in the middle east, threats in the west, natural disasters in the Orient, life around us is getting darker.
The desire grows to dream away and just feel good.
And that’s what I – Alek | Sander – want for you with all my feel good (he)art.

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